What We Do

Generate New Revenue

Our mission here at Amplify is to help your media company and sales team increase the number of local direct advertisers from your marketplace, ultimately yielding substantial and sustainable new revenue. Here’s how we do it:

Identify New Business

We understand the importance of local direct sales and the difficulties sales teams encounter in trying to find new clients. Using a proven framework and tools, we train your team to effectively identify potential new business from new and established sources.

Build Relationships

Once we have identified the source of potential new business, we develop your team’s ability to build and nurture strong business relationships using a mix of training, activities and engaging communication campaigns designed specifically for your media company.

Bespoke Presentations

At the height of the new business relationship between your team and their potential new clients, we host bespoke presentations geared towards educating on effective advertising and marketing techniques. We do this while putting your media company at the forefront of their minds as the platform for their own campaigns.

Sales Training

Our team have a wealth of experience working with media companies around the world, using a selection of tried and tested group training workshops, activities and 1-2-1 coaching. We have designed these to enable your team to effectively prospect your local market, develop relationships, gain commitment and ultimately, secure new advertisers.

Deliver Year on Year Growth

At Amplify, we believe in practicing what we preach and strive to maintain long term successful relationships with our clients. Our approach has proven not only to increase revenue for our new clients but to continue building on this year on year.